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Internet Marketing SEO Success
– Less Is Better!

by Sandra Noble, President
Noble & Associates Consulting, Inc.

You’ve finally gotten a web presence, but now what? The question is, how to get people to your website or blog. Find out why being less may bring more visitors and traffic to your website

Internet marketing success is about being found on the web. And the best way to be found is organically. Organic ranking means that the search engines have evaluated your site and determined how well it matches your search terms. Internet marketing lingo uses the term “keyword” to describe words and phrases that people type into the search box, i.e. search terms.

Alexa is one of those services which determines how well a website is organically positioned. There are billions of sites on the World Wide Web, so a good search ranking does not come by accident. There are consulting firms that specialize in what is called search engine optimization (SEO). These companies suggest strategies that will get the search engines such as Google and yahoo, to decide that your site has great relevance to your search term. Noble & Associates Consulting is now offering internet marketing consulting services also.

SEO is more than optimizing your website for your keywords in isolation. There are other tools and techniques to boost your ranking. It’s about volume – how many times you appear and are linked to on the web. And in the World Wide Web / Web 2.0 circles you hear the motto “Content is King”. The more content there is on the web associated with your name and your site, the better your SEO and organic ranking.

So what do I mean by: less is better? Winning sports teams say they are #1. In Alexa, the lower number / rank the better. A rank of 1 means that this is the most frequently searched for and accessed website out of all the websites in the world. Being in the top million is an impressive list. See the even more impressive Alexa top 100 list .



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Sandra Noble, MBA, CPIM, DCFS, CDP, Six Sigma, is president of Noble & Associates Consulting, Inc is now offering internet marketing consulting. We specialize in IT Needs Assessments, RFP creation, unbiased software selection assistance and we're the cure for Post Implementation Distress™. We also have full life cycle implementation expertise in SAP, Oracle and other enterprise-wide software solutions.
Reducing the STRESS of Software Implementations Worldwide!

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