Reducing the STRESS  of Software Implementations Worldwide  


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Divorce is Not an Option.
              Make Sure Your Software is Compatible

Integrated software solutions are costly investments. But, a large financial investment does not guarantee success. The software may be unworkable because it is incompatible with corporate culture and objectives. Since divorcing your software is not an option, companies need a way to make a better selection.

a provider of business and functional support for Oracle E-Business software implementations and upgrades worldwide, announces Software Selection Service..

Most people who’ve been in corporate America, have heard the horror stories about huge amounts of wasted time and money spent on software that didn’t meet the needs of the organization. Noble & Associates Consulting desires to help clients have a better experience.

The right software can positively impact the profitability and stability of a company for years to come. The right people can assist. Analysts with domestic and global experience in a variety of industries and applications are uniquely qualified to provide guidance in developing a technology strategy or defining software selection initiatives.

A technology plan cannot be developed in a vacuum. “Our partnership network of professionals can help resolve operational, business process and merger and acquisition related issues. Addressing these issues first will add clarity to the selection process” says Sandra Noble, president. Companies can make informed decisions about the numerous software options by a using methodical approach for evaluating them. Whether the screening process is informal or entails the issuance of a request for proposal (RFP), employing the right techniques can produce a better outcome.

“The goal of our software selection service is to reduce the stress associated with software decisions.” Don’t miss the benefits of moving forward with technological innovations. Help is available.

About Noble & Associates Consulting, Inc

Noble & Associates Consulting offers cost effective, enterprise-wide (ERP) e-Business software solutions delivered by experienced professionals with industry, business and application knowledge and expertise. They also specialize in IT needs assessments, RFP creation and unbiased software selection assistance. And we're the cure for Post Implementation Distress.
"Reducing The STRESS of Software Implementations Worldwide".

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